How to Download Spotify Podcasts to MP3 in 2024

Spotify has quickly become one of the most popular platforms for listening to music and podcasts. With millions of podcasts available on the platform, it can be frustrating when you want to listen to your favorite episodes offline without using data or WiFi. Thankfully, there are ways to download Spotify podcasts to MP3 files that you can listen to anytime, anywhere. In this article, we will discuss the steps to download Spotify podcasts to MP3 in 2024.

Why Download Spotify Podcasts to MP3?

Before diving into the steps, let us first understand why it is beneficial to download Spotify podcasts to MP3 format.

Convenience and Flexibility

By downloading Spotify podcasts to MP3, you can listen to them on any device without needing the Spotify app or internet connection. This provides convenience and flexibility, especially if you are traveling or have limited access to the internet.

Saving Data and Storage Space

Listening to podcasts on Spotify requires data or WiFi, which can quickly eat up your monthly data allowance. By downloading podcasts as MP3 files, you can save on data usage and storage space on your device.

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Customization Options

MP3 files give you the freedom to customize your listening experience by adjusting the playback speed, adding bookmarks, and creating playlists. This allows you to organize and listen to your podcasts in a way that best suits your preferences.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Download Spotify Podcasts to MP3 in 2024

Now that we understand the benefits of downloading Spotify podcasts to MP3, let’s dive into the steps to take so.

Step 1: Choose a Podcast Downloader

There are several podcast’s downloader software and online tools available that allow you to download Spotify podcasts as MP3 files. Some popular options include Audacity, iMusic, AllToMP3, and Spotify Deezer Music Downloader. Choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Step 2: Install and Set Up the Podcast Downloader

Once you have selected a podcast downloader, follow the instructions to install it on your device. Some software may require you to sign in with your Spotify account, while others may not. Make sure to read the setup instructions carefully to avoid any issues.

Step 3: Find the Podcast Episode You Want to Download

Open the Spotify app or go to the Spotify website and search for the podcast episode you wish to download. Once you find it, copy its URL or link.

Step 4: Paste the URL into the Podcast Downloader

Open the podcast downloader you installed in step 2 and paste the copied URL into the designated field. Click on the “Download” button to start the process.

Step 5: Choose MP3 as the Output Format

Most podcast downloaders will give you the option to select the output format. Make sure to choose MP3 as the format since we are trying to download the podcast episode as an MP3 file.

Step 6: Start the Downloading Process

Click on the “Start” or “Download” button to begin the downloading process. The time it takes to download the podcast episode as an MP3 file will depend on its length and your internet connection speed.

Tips for Downloading Spotify Podcasts to MP3

  • Make sure to choose a reliable and reputable podcast downloader to avoid any security risks.
  • Check the file size before downloading to ensure you have enough storage space on your device.
  • Save the downloaded files in a separate folder for easy access.
  • Keep your podcast downloader updated to ensure it is compatible with the latest version of Spotify.


How many podcasts can I download at once?

Most podcast downloaders allow you to download multiple episodes at once. However, it is recommended to download one episode at a time to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Can I download podcasts on my phone?

Yes, you can download podcasts on your phone using a podcast downloader app or through the Spotify app. However, make sure to check the compatibility of the app with your device before downloading.

Will downloaded podcasts stay forever in my library?

It depends on the podcast downloader you are using. Some may have a time limit for how long the downloaded files will stay in your library, while others may have no limit.

Can I convert downloaded podcasts to other formats?

Some podcast downloaders may have conversion options to convert the downloaded files to other formats. However, it is always recommended to choose MP3 as the output format since it is widely supported.

Is it legal to download podcasts from Spotify as MP3 files?

As long as you are not distributing the downloaded files, it is legal to download podcasts from Spotify as MP3 files for personal use.


Downloading Spotify podcasts to MP3 in 2024 is a simple and convenient way to listen to your favorite episodes offline. With the right podcast downloader, you can easily download and customize your listening experience. Just make sure to follow the steps carefully and keep your podcast downloader updated for the best results. Happy podcasting!

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