Solution to Stream Spotify to TomTom Spark 3

Are you tired of carrying your phone with you while running or working out? Do you own a TomTom Spark 3 and wish to stream your favorite music from Spotify directly on your device? Look no further, as we have the perfect solution for you! In this article, we will guide you through the steps to stream Spotify on your TomTom Spark 3, making your workouts more enjoyable and convenient. So let’s dive in!

Step-by-Step Guide to Stream Spotify on TomTom Spark 3

Step 1: Download the TomTom Sports Connect Software

To begin streaming Spotify on your TomTom Spark 3, you need to first download the TomTom Sports Connect software on your computer. This software allows you to manage and transfer content between your computer and your device. You can download the software from the official TomTom website.

Subheading 1: Compatible Devices

Before downloading the software, make sure that your computer is compatible with the TomTom Sports Connect software. The software is available for Windows and Mac operating systems and requires a minimum of 2GB RAM and 20MB free disk space.

Subheading 2: Setting up the Software

Once you have downloaded the software, follow the instructions to install it on your computer. After installation, open the software and connect your TomTom Spark 3 to your computer using a USB cable. The software will automatically recognize your device and prompt you to log in to your TomTom account.

Subheading 3: Updating your Device

After successfully logging into your TomTom account, the software will check for any updates for your device. It is essential to keep your device updated for optimal performance and compatibility with new features.

Step 2: Connect your Spotify Account

Once your device is updated, click on the “Music” tab on the TomTom Sports Connect software. You will see an option to connect your Spotify account. Click on it and log in to your Spotify account.

Subheading 1: Premium Account

Please note that streaming music from Spotify on your TomTom Spark 3 requires a premium account. If you do not have one already, you can sign up for a free trial or subscribe to a premium account to enjoy uninterrupted music streaming on your device.

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Subheading 2: Download Playlists

After connecting your Spotify account, click on the “Sync Playlists” button. This will allow you to select the playlists that you want to download on your device. Once selected, click on the “Sync” button, and the playlists will be downloaded onto your TomTom Spark 3.

Subheading 3: Managing Playlists

The TomTom Sports Connect software also allows you to manage your playlists, including adding or removing songs, creating new playlists, and deleting old ones. You can also rearrange the order of your playlists according to your preference.

Step 3: Disconnect your Device and Enjoy!

After syncing your playlists, you can disconnect your device from your computer. Your TomTom Spark 3 is now ready to stream your favorite music directly from Spotify. Put on your headphones and start your workout with your personalized music playlist.

Subheading 1: Music Playback Controls

Your device comes with basic playback controls such as play/pause, next/previous track, volume control, and shuffle/repeat options. You can easily access these controls while working out, making it convenient to switch between songs without having to take out your phone.

Subheading 2: No Phone Required

One of the significant advantages of streaming Spotify on your TomTom Spark 3 is that you no longer need to carry your phone with you while working out. This means no distractions and a hassle-free workout session.

Subheading 3: Battery Life

To preserve your device’s battery life, it is recommended to turn off the Bluetooth on your phone while streaming music on your TomTom Spark 3. This will also ensure a stable connection between your device and headphones.


Can I stream Spotify on my TomTom Spark 3 without a premium account?

No, streaming music from Spotify on your TomTom Spark 3 requires a premium account.

How do I manage my playlists on the TomTom Sports Connect software?

You can manage your playlists by clicking on the “Music” tab and selecting the “Manage Music” option. From there, you can add or remove songs, create new playlists, and delete old ones.

Can I access other features of my TomTom Spark 3 while streaming music from Spotify?

Yes, you can access other features on your device, such as tracking your workout progress and setting goals, while streaming music from Spotify.

Is it possible to stream live music on my TomTom Spark 3 from Spotify?

No, currently, only downloaded playlists can be streamed on the TomTom Spark 3.

Can I connect multiple devices to my TomTom Spark 3 for streaming music?

No, your TomTom Spark 3 can only be connected to one device at a time for music streaming.


We hope this article has provided you with a comprehensive guide on how to stream Spotify on your TomTom Spark 3. With this solution, you can now enjoy your workouts without having to carry your phone with you. Upgrade to a premium account and sync your favorite playlists onto your device to make your workouts more enjoyable and convenient. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to hassle-free music streaming on your TomTom Spark 3!

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